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Disponibile la Beta 1 di XMind 2013

XMind è uno dei tool che apprezzo di più (e che mi è spesso capitato di suggerire in occasione di sessioni e training sull’Information Architecture) per la rappresentazione di concetti (mappe mentali), raccolta di idee (brainstorming) e per schematizzare mappe di navigazione e macrostrutture logiche per portali web ed intranet.

E’ stata oggi annunciata la Beta 1 della nuova versione XMind 2013, disponibile per Windows, Apple, Linux e in versione “Portable”.

Screenshot of Local Network Sharing

XMind 2012 è disponibile in versione base (free), oppure Plus (62€) e Pro (79€), più eventuale sottoscrizione annuale.

Ecco la lista delle novità della nuova release XMind 2013 (3.4.0):

New Features

  1. Local Networking Sharing (huge new feature, cost our one year to ship)
  2. Export to Microsoft Excel/CSV
  3. Export to SVG (in vectors)
  4. Export to Microsoft Word/PPT/Excel on Mac OS X (huge new feature)
  5. Import from Microsoft Word
  6. Merge XMind Workbooks
  7. New style editor to design styles
  8. New marker design and more markers
  9. Print the whole workbook
  10. Reduce file size


  1. Improved Export to Word/PPT/PDF/HTML
  2. Export to PDF(Map) in vector graphics
  3. Improved Import from Mindjet Mindmanager
  4. Gallery renamed to “Clip Art”, and new lovely clip art.
  5. The way to add external file
  6. Improved relative hyperlink
  7. Shortcut to switch within different sheets (Ctrl + Page Up/ Page Down for windows; Ctrl + Fn + Up/ Down for Mac)
  8. Focus on the topic in Gantt View synchronously
  9. New marker view design to let you fold every marker groups
  10. Automatic resize marker to fit topic font
  11. The order of markers in a topic is as same as the order in marker view.
  12. Many other improvements.

Fixed Bugs

  1. XMind fails to launch after upgrading to Java 7.
  2. Menu bar is invisible when pressing “Esc” key to quit the Brainstorming or Presentation mode on Mac OS X.
  3. XMind fails to open the file on Mac OS X with Java 7 when the file name has Non-ASCII characters.
  4. The hyperlink will be exported into recognizable code.
  5. XMind fails to locate to the collapsed topic when double-clicking it within the search view.
  6. Italic font can’t display correctly on Mac.
  7. XMind fails to scroll up the font drop-down list on Mac OS X Lion+.
  8. There is no hyperlink information of the notes when exporting to Word or PPT.
  9. File with non-ASCII characters in name will show “?” in recent opened file list.
  10. The extracted theme has no subtopic’s background color property.
  11. XMind fails to conduct the relative file hyperlink among different drivers on Windows.
  12. XMind can’t export the other parts into PDF if we’ve checked the Overview option.
  13. XMind fails to export the mind map into PPT on Mac if the default font isn’t available.
  14. Error occurred every time when XMind starts, if the home map is removed.
  15. Error occurred when clicking the file in recent opened file list, if it has been removed or renamed.
  16. XMind will crash when we click the “label” option by right clicking on the hyperlink/ Notes icon within the topic.
  17. When exported to the small size PDF map, the mind map can’t zoom out correctly.
  18. Delete unused markers.
  19. Remove topic’s highlight after deleting the marker when filtering.
  20. Many other fixed bugs