Aggiornamento del Training Kit per SharePoint e Windows Azure

Segnalo, come annunciato da Mario sul suo blog, che è stata presentata la summer update del training kit online dedicato all’integrazione SharePoint-Azure.

E’ anche possibile scaricare una versione offline del training kit.

Ecco l’abstract del corso:

The July 2011 release of the SharePoint and Azure Development Kit is a training course to help you ramp up on different ways to integrate SharePoint and Windows Azure. SharePoint 2010 provides many ways to integrate with Windows Azure. From simple SQL Azure data-centric applications to complex workflow that leverages custom Azure services, there is great potential to integrate these two growing technologies. The kit contains twelve modules that include PowerPoint decks, hands-on labs and source code that shows how the SharePoint 2010 platform and Windows Azure platform can work together.