Real World SharePoint 2010: Indispensable Experiences from 20 SharePoint MVPs

E' da alcuni mesi in cantiere un'imponente opera antologica su SharePoint 2010 🙂

Scherzi a parte, si tratta di un libro scritto da 22 MVPs SharePoint, che uscirà il prossimo mese di novembre per conto di Wiley/Wrox.

Anche io e Claudio abbiamo scritto un capitolo, cercando di tenere alta la presenza nostrana 🙂

Escludendo noi, direi che gli autori sono di tutto rispetto:

  • Scot Hillier,
  • Darrin Bishop,
  • Todd Bleeker,
  • Robert Bogue,
  • Karine Bosch,
  • Claudio Brotto,
  • Adam Buenz,
  • Andrew Connell,
  • Randy Drisgill,
  • Gary Lapointe,
  • Jason Medero,
  • Agnes Molnar,
  • Chris O’Brien,
  • Todd Klindt,
  • Joris Poelmans,
  • Asif Rehmani,
  • John Ross,
  • Nick Swan,
  • Mike Walsh,
  • Randy Williams,
  • Shane Young,
  • Igor Macori

Ecco la descrizione del libro:

SharePoint enables Web sites to host shared workspaces and is a leading solution for Enterprise Content Management. The newest version boasts significant changes, impressive enhancements, and new features, requiring developers and administrators of all levels of experience to quickly get up to speed on the latest changes. This book is a must-have anthology of current best practices for SharePoint 2010 from 20 of the top SharePoint MVPs. They offer insider advice on everything from installation, workflow, and Web parts to business connectivity services, Web content management, and claims-based security.

  • SharePoint 2010 boasts significant updates, new features, and numerous changes and this comprehensive overview gets you up to speed on all the latest enhancements
  • Serves as an anthology of current best practices regarding SharePoint 2010 from 20 of the top SharePoint MVPs
  • Offers helpful, real-world advice on such topics as business connectivity services, enterprise content management, Web content management, business intelligence, workflow, SharePoint Designer, Web parts, shared services, claims-based security, and more

We all learn from experience, and with Real-World SharePoint 2010 you can learn from the experiences of 20 of the leading SharePoint MVPs!