Ottimizzazione delle performance di SharePoint 2007

Marwan Tarek ha raccolto sul proprio blog una piccola collezione di suggerimenti e link utili a chi sta affrontando il tema dell'ottimizzazione delle performance su sistemi SharePoint 2007.

Riposto per comodità il decalogo, inserendo il link al post originale.

  1. URL Ping Tool: custom tool (developed by MS team) that recorded the time to first byte for URLs hosted on SharePoint servers; You can find the tool script at the Appendix of SharePoint Performance Optimization White Paper
  2. IIS Compression
  3. SharePoint Caching Options: using the Out Of the Box caching techniques
  4. Limiting Page Payload: analyzing Page size, content and requests using either neXpert over Fiddler recommendations (on IE) or YSlow add-on (on Firefox)
  5. Loading core.js when necessary (Delayed /Lazy loading): core.js has noticeable size of the overall page size, you can delay its loading only when needed,, Professional SharePoint 2007 Web Content Management Development
  6. Infrastructure: review your network infrastructure and make sure all the network cards configured right and meets the design specifications; move your servers to 64 bit hardware; review Database distribution SQL server settings (Source SharePoint Performance Optimization White Paper)
  7. ISA server caching
  8. Dispose checker tool: this tool checks the assembly is following SPWeb and SPSite dispose pattern best practices
  9. Browser Cache and Content Expiration: manipulate the browser caching settings on the client, you can use Andrew Connell's tool MetaTagsGenerator
  10. Use Ajax callbacks