Chi sono (siamo) i K2 Insiders?

Mi è stato chiesto chi sono i K2 Insiders (di cui faccio parte), ed ecco un bel link alla pagina del sito K2 dove sono presentati i K2 Insiders.

In pratica è un programma simile al Microsoft MVP, ovviamente rivolto a K2 🙂

Riporto giusto qualche riferimento ufficiale:

K2 Insiders are leaders in the global K2 community. They are K2 advocates, eager to share their expertise and committed to enhancing the K2 community efforts as a whole.

K2 Insiders represent a broad base of skills, experiences and cultures. They come from a variety of backgrounds and hold a range of diverse positions. Insiders tend to seek out new technology and actively communicate their experiences and thoughts to others. Through their various K2 community activities they strive to help others solve problems, discover new capabilities and get more value from their deployments.

Primarily the K2 Insider program helps K2 build and foster a passionate and thriving community. The Insider program also serves as a vital feedback link from the community at large to the K2 sales, marketing and product organizations. This program recognizes those who stand out as staunch supporters of K2, the BPM and workflow ecosystem, and the power that these elements can bring to an organization.
One of K2's core goals is to establish and grow a community of individuals who regularly share their experiences, passion and feedback regarding K2 software. Insiders evangelize the power and value of the K2 platform and enable its worldwide base of customers and partners.