K2 Underground

Da oggi è online la nuova community dedicata a K2.NET e dintorni.

In K2 Undeground è possibile trovare informazioni e supporto, oltre ad accedere alle ultime news sull’imminente nuova versione “Black Pearl“.

Ho l’onore di far parte dei K2 Insiders, a testimonianza di quanto io e la mia azienda stiamo investendo su questo prodotto e sulla sua integrazione con SharePoint 2007.

K2 INSIDERs are leaders in the global K2 community. They are K2 advocates, eager to share their expertise and build and enhance the K2 community efforts as a whole.
K2 INSIDERs represent a broad base of skills, experiences and cultures. They come from a variety of backgrounds and hold a range of diverse positions. Insiders tend to seek out new technology and actively communicate their experiences and thoughts to others. Through their various community activities they will strive to help others solve problems and discover new capabilities and get more value from their deployments.