SharePoint 2007 Solution Installer freeware

Segnalo che Mondosoft (quelli di Ontolica Search) ha rilasciato un tool freeware per facilitare l’installazione di soluzioni generiche realizzate per SharePoint 2007.

Su questo post trovate tutte le info per il download e per il setup.

Queste le caratteristiche del prodotto, recuperate dal blog di Lars Fastrup:

  • Support for all relevant operations:

    • Add solution to the SharePoint solution store.
    • Deploy solution to one or more web applications.
    • Upgrade solution.
    • Retract and remove solution.

  • Pre-install system check for the following conditions:

    • WSS V3 is installed.
    • MOSS 2007 is installed (This check can be disabled in config file),
    • User has permission to install solutions.
    • SharePoint database is online.
    • WSS Administration service is started.
    • WSS Timer service is started.

  • Implements a work around for the following error conditions:

    • Another solution deployment job never finished and is now blocking for the creation of a new job. Work-around: Delete old job from the list of Timer job defnitions.
    • Timer service is not started: An attempt is made to start it (please note that timer services on other front ends will not be started).
    • Database is offline, which will yield an ugly NullreferenceException from SharePoint offering little clue to the root cause of the problem. Work around: Detect NullreferenceException and display nice error message.

  • Display EULA. (Can be disabled in config file). 
  • Web application list where user can select the web apps. to deploy the solution to.
  • Rollback after installation errors.
  • Configurable Product Title.
  • Configurable banner image.
  • Configurable logo image.